Ken Button, Co-Founder and CEO, ContractSafe
Ken Button, Co-Founder and CEOAlbert Einstein once said, “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” The quest only lies in seeing those opportunities and seizing them.

Such was the case for Ken Button as well when experienced the downsides of manual contract management processes first hand while working as a former general counsel. Instead of looking at it as only an inefficient process, Button joined forces with software veteran Randy Bishop set out to build a market leading contract management platform that streamlines the way contracts are stored and managed throughout an organization. Thus, ContractSafe was born. Since then, ContractSafe has been adopted by a wide range of businesses.

Among those varied industries, the healthcare space serves as a good example behind what makes ContractSafe such a popular solution. Due to high contract volume of healthcare entities, it is really difficult to scale the manual contract management practices. Additionally, healthcare companies must adhere to strict data privacy procedures and be ready for frequent compliance audits. Many healthcare companies, nevertheless, have refused to adopt an automated solution because they were expensive and overwhelmingly complicated. “We distinguish ourselves in the market by being simple, intuitive, and by providing great customer support,” remarks Button, the co-founder and CEO of ContractSafe. In fact, it is not only an easy and affordable contract management solution but also HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 certified.

ContractSafe: Meet the Game-Changer of Contract Management Space

At the heart of ContractSafe’s platform is [AI]ssistant, an artificial intelligence tool that uses OCR and NLP technology to search scanned documents for key information – like names, entities, and effective dates – and organize it in a logical way. Thus, the entire contract management process can be streamlined with a quick and intuitive keyword search feature to mine through the database and find the right document in seconds. Besides, ContractSafe’s online portal enables staff members to access required information anywhere and anytime while protecting confidentiality with robust role-based access controls. Going the extra mile, ContractSafe also offers robust date management to empower its clients with automated email reminders for staying abreast of critical dates, including expiration and renewal dates.

At the heart of ContractSafe’s contract management solution is [AI]ssistant, an artificial intelligence tool that uses OCR and NLP technology

Elaborating the benefits of these solutions further, Button shares an instance when a large biotech company was searching for a way to combine all of their contracts into a single, easy-to-use platform that would allow employees to locate contracts using simple natural language searching. No sooner than the biotech company decided to integrate ContractSafe’s platform with its workflow, the client’s employees were delighted with ContractSafe's intuitive user interface and the ability to save and search contracts with the click of a button. The leadership team was also happy with the noticeable improvement in productivity it received from its employees.

Having already established itself as a pioneer in the contract management space through many such instances, ContractSafe is now actively working on expanding the features of [AI]ssistant. The latest features are designed with an aim to help customers easily onboard and handle new contract requests, track operational data and metrics, and set up information in a more automated way. With this expansion, Button is confident that ContractSafe will continue helping clients for as a future-proof document management solution.