Gary Andrew Carignan, President and CEO, DocXellent
Gary Andrew Carignan, President and CEODocument control specialists often play a role very akin to a librarian. In an organization, the onus is on document control specialists to properly update and categorize the operational document in a way that they can be easily tracked and referenced when needed. It sounds simple for smaller organizations and their document control specialists. But as the organizations grow, the task of properly managing the entire operational document becomes more of a hassle. Document control managers end up spending countless hours collecting, sifting, and prioritizing numerous documents from hundreds of departments and then routing those to concerned personnel. And such a laborious and convoluted workflow lowers the overall efficiency of document control managers.

To address this, there are many digital document control applications now that can take these works off of an employee’s shoulder and free-up their time to focus on other important tasks. That being said, not every application is built the same and serves the same purpose. On that note, a company that is known for helping organizations with tailor-made document control applications is DocXellent.

Notably, DocXellent has been a trusted name for its web-based document management system and quality control management solutions since 1983. Previously known as Mystic Management Systems, Inc., the company was born during the Tylenol™ scares of the 1980s with a mission to help companies quickly find their critical business content while maintaining safety and quality. DocXellent, today, serves start-up businesses to the Fortune 500 companies in managing their mission-critical documents.

DocXellent: Ensuring Efficient Document Management with ENSUR

“Our longstanding reputation as a highly responsive, customer-minded organization drives our professionals to exceed expectations, and we work hard every day to maintain that status,” says Gary Andrew Carignan, president and CEO of DocXellent.

As a purpose-built, online document management system, secure access to ENSUR’S integrated suite of modules is fast and easy from anywhere in a client’s working environment

The crown jewel of DocXellent’s document control application is ENSUR. As a purpose-built, online document management system, secure access to ENSUR’S integrated suite of modules is fast and easy from anywhere in a client’s working environment. Whether a client needs to manage FDA documents or ISO document management compliance, ENSUR provides a holistic approach to making their life easier. Therefore, clients can easily transform their homegrown document control application to an automated workflow.

It is also interesting to note that ENSUR is capable of catering to a multitude of sectors. Whether it’s quality, IT, financial, human resources, or business content, ENSUR can help you improve your document security, quality, and workflow. For instance, it can be a life sciences company looking for a validated software solution or a mature manufacturing company seeking a better way to manage and access the proper versions of their SOPs or packaging specifications, and ENSUR fits both bills perfectly. Even utility companies with people who spend hours maintaining internal documents to submit to external periodic audits can benefit from integrating ENSUR with their workflows. And making it all possible is DocXellent professionals, who are not just expert software people but also are business process consultants who have helped implement and optimize ENSUR for various industries. “And we continue to enhance ENSUR using customer feedback and each industry and regulatory change to drive the functionality and future of the product,” avers Carignan.

Moving ahead with such poised grace, DocXellent is now focusing on the latest market innovations and trends to translate those into its service offering. At the same time, the company is determined to continue offering the gold-standard of service to the existing customers. “Because, if you become one of our new customers, we’ll make sure that you won’t regret that decision. Welcome to DocXellent!” concludes the president-CEO.