Avner Schneur, President and CEO, GRM Information Management
Avner Schneur, President and CEOInformation is vital to the delivery of care on all levels of the healthcare delivery system – the patients, the healthcare team, and the organization as a whole. Acknowledging this fact, hospitals and healthcare organizations have growingly begun to phase out paper-driven processes in favor of digitalized systems to centralize and manage their document-related processes. However, with the advent of leading-edge technologies, such as machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics, information management systems have gone beyond the scope of document management today. By leveraging these technologies, an advanced information management system can turn data and information into the competitive advantage of healthcare organizations and optimize the organizational workflows without necessitating any additional internal system.

An information management system vendor that is leading the way in the domain in that regard is GRM Information Management. The company boasts more than three decades of expertise in providing information management systems for organizations and enterprises from diverse industries, such as healthcare, legal, finance, and human resources (HR). GRM Information Management has a highly agile and scalable cloud-based content services platform (CSP) that enables businesses to leverage their data. Through this CSP, GRM Information Management provides a wide range of content-related solutions and services today, including advanced data capture solutions, document management systems, workflow automation tools, legacy data archiving, business process management, and cutting-edge analytics capabilities. Besides, the firm also offers a full suite of document storage, scanning, and physical document management services.

Notably, GRM Information Management offers one of the most agile and robust document management software solutions available in the market for the healthcare industry.

GRM Information Management: The Complete Digital Information Management Solution for Healthcare

The string of software solutions that they have designed addresses all the document and information management challenges currently faced by the healthcare systems. Moreover, the solutions are developed from the ground up to enhance the efficiency, savings, and insights of healthcare organizations. Thus, the range of solutions provides value at every level of a healthcare organization and cater to different functions, such as referral management, physician management, the release of information (ROI), contract management, pathology, finance, and HR.

GRM Information Management offers one of the most agile and robust document management software solutions available in the market for the healthcare industry

What makes these marketplace-proven, HIPAA compliant solutions stand apart from the competition is their intelligently designed interfaces that are simple yet intuitive. The solutions provide a delightful and effective end-user experience. Moreover, self-service capabilities and utilities can be customized to tackle the real-life challenges of healthcare organizations. They also offer interactive dashboards that provide real-time visibility into the operational processes. On the whole, they put forth an unprecedented source of data for organizations to identify opportunities and risks and enable informed decision-making.

Thanks to these extensive capabilities, some of the largest healthcare organizations in the country today rely on the information management solutions provided by GRM Information Management. This stride of GRM Information Management has also garnered them much acclaim and accolades in the content services domain, including the recognition from Gartner by including GRM Information Management in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms.

Built seamlessly into its content services platform, the document management solutions of GRM Information Management offer everything that healthcare organizations need to utilize the most out of the data at their disposal. In that regard, GRM Information Management empowers organizations to build a competitive advantage by going beyond the current trends in the domain, like digital transformation and cloud-based document management.