Nash Patel, CEO, ImageWorld
Nash Patel, CEOToday, over 10 percent of an office worker’s day is spent searching for documents that are dispersed across various departments. What if these organizations had a way of knowing where a business-critical document is and procuring it at a moment’s notice?

ImageWorld Technologies is making it happen right now! The company has developed processes, procedures, and techniques that allow for comprehensive collection, preparation, and imaging of digital documents, while maintaining information security and document integrity. The company utilizes proven document management services, each of them customized as per the individual requirements of the clients.

A minority woman-owned business, ImageWorld Technologies, was founded in 2001 to meet the document management needs of healthcare providers. Since then, the company has branched out into various other industries, including finance, government, and education. With its operation center and administrative offices located in Washington DC, the company deploys its services to clients across the U.S.

Streamlining and Centralizing Critical Documents

In today’s collaborative workflow, the speed and scale of document generation and sharing is extremely unprecedented. However, most organizations still depend on their aging document management processes, which rely on the physical transfer of documents from one employee to the next, taking up a lot of time and energy.

ImageWorld: Document Management Simplified

This is where ImageWorld can make a difference. The company’s services, ranging from document scanning and data capture, are designed to take the complexities out of the document management process for its clients. Especially, its document scanning service is specifically aligned toward accounting documentation, human resources files, medical records, deeds, mortgages, insurance claims, plot maps, books, and so on. Also, the company’s image migration services can support organizations over the ‘long haul!’ If organizations need to migrate crucial data from their legacy systems to a safer and secure environment, then they need not look beyond ImageWorld.

The company’s services, ranging from document scanning and data capture, are designed to take the complexities out of the document management process for its clients

Equally impressive is the company’s data capture and processing capability, allowing clients to transfer information stored on paper to their active systems, whether it is electronic health records or invoice processing. By subscribing to the services of ImageWorld, the clients can easily cut down the time and resources required for data capture.

When implementing these services, the company uses appropriate project and analysis tools to define the exact requirements of the clients. A roadmap is designed, and only after approval, ImageWorld goes ahead and develops a tailored process to convert data. The output is provided in any format specified by the clients, whether it is in a drive, network storage, or the cloud.

These capabilities are placing ImageWorld in a league of its own. Today, orchestrating innumerable success stories, the company is quickly cementing its position as an instrumental provider of document management services. Through its unique and best-in-class line of advanced and innovative methodologies, the company is determined to enhance productivity and efficiency for all its clients.