Stéphan Donzé, Founder and CEO, AODocs
Stéphan Donzé, Founder and CEOA robust document management system can bring order into the most cluttered documentation workflows. Take the instance of Motional, a driverless technology company behind the world’s first robotaxi pilot. After a gap analysis, the company discovered massive volumes of quality-related documents residing in numerous disconnected systems. The IT team tried harmonizing the chaotic information management environment within SharePoint, but soon realized that it did not have the flexibility to be configured to their exact requirements.

The company had made a full transition to Google Workspace, and they sought a content management platform that could easily integrate with the G Suite ecosystem. That was when they came across AODocs—a content services platform specifically designed for the Google environment. In addition to being flexible and adaptable, the platform seamlessly integrated with its existing systems. Today, over 1000 Motional employees with access to AODocs, and they leverage the platform to manage content related to occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) and ISO 9001 to the international automotive task force (IATF) 16949 standard.

How It All Started…

AODocs was born from a simple idea: creating a well-organized compliance system in an environment where people enjoy working. The founders of AODocs made this idea a reality by building a robust system on top of the G Suite. Thus, they incorporated their secure content services platform with Google’s user-friendly interface.

AODocs: The Frontrunners of Innovation in Content Services

Today, this very platform is driving efficiency and collaboration for over 700 companies worldwide.

AODocs was born from a simple idea: creating a well-organized compliance system in an environment where people enjoy working

With AODocs, clients no longer have to cobble together outdated on-premise systems. The Google Workspace-integrated platforms offer greater security, functionality, and efficiency while removing all the complexities of disparate systems. The clients not only reduce the cost of ownership, but also enhance business agility by turning to AODocs.

Whether it is creating marketing collateral, processing invoices, handling contracts, or managing digital content, AODocs empowers every document management need of its clients—all within Google Drive and Workspace. Even when preparing for audits, AODocs makes it simple and straightforward to create reports and share content with auditors.

Moreover, AODocs is streamlining compliance control for its clients. With the AODocs platform, document permissions and access compliance are no longer a challenge. As it integrates with Google Workspace, employees can leverage existing Goggle applications to create and enforce permissions.

With its workflow and business process automation capability for Google Workplace, AODocs automates mission-critical, content-driven processes across the client organizations. It boosts functionalities from simple content approval to complex business workflows, all through a centralized platform.

Backed by its many accomplishments and contributions to the document management space, AODocs is rethinking content services in the era of cloud collaboration. The company is committed to breaking the traditional gaps between its clients’ collaboration environment and controlled document repositories. By choosing AODocs, enterprises will be paving the way to enhanced compliance, streamline business processes, and user-friendly collaboration, all at the same time.