Jesse Wood, CEO, eFileCabinet, Inc.
Jesse Wood, CEOAt any given time, a healthcare organization has massive amounts of medical records, billing information, and related paperwork to process. To cite an example, the doctors are required to maintain their patients’ medical information for at least seven years from their last visit. Every hospital or healthcare organization has many such policies in place that are mandated by stringent laws. The fact that compliance and security are not scrutinized in any other sector more than they are in healthcare doesn’t help these organizations either. Thus, hospitals and healthcare organizations have increasingly begun to phase out paper and paper-driven processes in favor of digitalized systems that allow them to deliver better quality care. While compliance and security are obligatory in such a system, what these organizations are growingly looking for is the overall value that the particular document management system (DMS) can bring.

On that front, eFileCabinet, Inc.’s Rubex is a cloud-based document management software that is ideal for healthcare organizations. eFileCabinet has more than two decades of experience in providing best-of-breed document management solutions for small to enterprise-level businesses in a variety of industries. Their premier software – Rubex, doesn’t only cater to the pressing document-related needs of healthcare organizations but also streamlines and optimizes their internal processes, including admissions, registration, payroll, pharmacy, human resources (HR), accounting, and much more. Rubex combines advanced optical character recognition (OCR), secure file sharing, and cutting-edge workflow automation tools to facilitate information sharing and real-time access to patient information. Leaning on a simple and intuitive interface, it provides a customized and centralized system that enables the transition from physical to digital documents seamless, organized, secure, and compliant.

eFileCabinet, Inc.: Centralized All-in-One Document Management Solution

At the core of Rubex’s competencies is the workflow automation capabilities put forth by eFileCabinet. Rubex employs Zonal OCR – a technology that is efficient in automating data-entry workflows. Zonal OCR allows the creation of templates based on the most commonly used documents. It recognizes and auto-populates data and automatically files the document using information contained in it. Meanwhile, Rubex enables the creation of multiple workflows as well that can be tailored to meet the specific clients’ requirements. All types of documents can thus be automatically routed from their creation, revision, and versioning to the evaluation and approval, according to the routing rules that have been set up prior.

eFileCabinet’s Rubex combines advanced optical character recognition (OCR), secure file sharing, and cutting-edge workflow automation tools to facilitate information sharing and real-time access to patient information

Rubex also offers a diverse range of other features, such as full-text search, check-outs and check-ins, and versioning. For instance, the system enables retrieval of documents with a few key terms in a matter of seconds. Similarly, Rubex features a check-out and check-in system to ensure that there is only one ongoing version ever for a document. Rubex also supports versioning, enabling users to recover from a list of older versions of a document.

These are just a handful of attributes Rubex provides to make filing medical records easier than conventional electronic health record (EHR) systems and networks. Meanwhile, Rubex also offers superior security and compliance tools to stay 100 percent compliant with regulations, such as the health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA). The document management software features document retention, role-based security, audit trails, secure sockets layer (SSL) security, and several other features to ensure complete compliance with all the HIPAA laws.

Basking in the glory of such competencies, eFileCabinet has garnered much acclaim and recognition in the domain, including Crowd Reviews’ best document management software based on client reviews and Business News Daily’s best mobile document management software. Today, eFileCabinet’s Rubex is one of the most comprehensive, all-in-one DMS that is available in the market today. In the vast assortment of different DMS solutions that have clouded the market, eFileCabinet provides an ideal solution that will present a healthy return on investment (ROI) for healthcare organizations.